What are the most destructive bombs

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There are “dirty bombs” of radioactive materials that are spread by conventional explosive charge. But that is a splitting of atoms in the materials. 
Another “atomic bomb” type that does splitting is a neutron device. No flash of heat and air blast. Just fatal doses of radiation that kills all large mammals, especially humans. The terrain and buildings will be as before. 
An atomic blast at high altitude or in space will kill all electronic devices and power regulating systems. 
But non nuclear choices are many: 
A chemical weapon of various types. Poison gases or water borne nerve toxins will kill a lot, but maybe not everyone. Those started being used over 100 years ago. Even Hitler was injured by gas in WW1 
Biological weapons to spread diseases have been used for thousands of years. A catapult of a dead animal or human could send an attack over a defensive wall. That was common many hundreds of years ago. 
Super guns and cruise missiles can send conventional explosives into a city from a long distance. Targeting infrastructure for power, water, communications and defense forces stations would be done

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