NASA predicts next solar cycle will be lowest in 200 years

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because we perceive it as infinite, and infinity is not something any human can truly appreciate since everything we encounter is finite.

About time. The article also notes Zharkova’s solar research and predictions all of which are coming true. She does back off a bit by announcing that this upcoming Grand Minimum will be more like the Dalton Minimum. 

This year’s Northern Hemisphere spring and summer have been a roller coaster of hot and cold. Agriculture is taking a big hit worldwide with crop losses from cold, wet weather, extreme heat, hail and other predicted anomalies. Volcanic activity has increased as predicted and there has been a significance increase in the Galactic Cosmic ray flux because of the inactive solar cycle. 

AGW and CO2 are non-factors in climate change. The Sun, Galactic Cosmic ray flux, planetary orbital variances and Nature are the drivers. 

UPDATE: Liz’s answer highlights the first factor, the Sun’s TSI. A lower TSI means a lower magnetosphere, meaning less defense against Galactic Cosmic ray flux, therefore GCR getting through causing more high level clouds increasing the Albedo Effect, thus cooling. 

Planetary orbital variances are also not addressed by Liz and there and there is one coming about in 2024, that I won’t go into. Volcanic activity is predicted to increase, which by the way has already started. 

The Sun’s activity level is the start of a chain reaction that will cause climate change. Putting mathematics before science, inhibits science.

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