You find hippos so cute

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When I think of hippos I think of going to the Central Park zoo in New York City when I was younger, many decades ago. Fortunately it’s no longer around because it was pretty messed up. But I remember going into the hippo building and they were in this enclosure behind plexiglass or something and every so often they would turn their butts to the glass and jettison this HUGE torrent of urine at it as people were watching them. I mean it was like one of those firetruck hoses it was so powerful you would think it would break the plexiglass. Probably because they were so pissed off and trying to get back at their captors and the stupid people with their kids who were staring at them. I felt sorry for them. As I did for all the animals incarcerated and driven insane at that horrible zoo. Nowadays they couldn’t get away with having a zoo like that. I didn’t think it was very “cute” but I also didn’t think it was very cute to put them in prison like that. Not at all.

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